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"So you command. So it shall be done!"

Despite having a snake statue, Ureaus, on his forehead in his official artwork and mugshot, on his in-game sprite, he appears to have a blue gem in place of it due to the small size.

Pharaoh Man's weakness to the Flash Stopper may stem from his purpose of exploring pyramids, specifically adapting to the dark as a side effect occurs when one is too prolonged to the dark for a large amount of time, so most low-level light appears immensely brighter than usual.

pawnch: For those out there who aren't talkin' to me, don't worry, I don't bite. Don't be shy! ^^

1. Your muse asks mine out on a date (Females only)
2. Your muse just can't stop poking mine (Or vice versa)
3. Your muse challenges mine to a duel 
4. My muse falls into a dangerous situation with yours
5. Your muse flirts with my muse and he's completely oblivious to it 
6. Your muse allows mine to stay at their home for the night
7. My muse bumps into yours by accident 
8. My muse is transported to another dimension/universe and doesn't know what to do. (Or your muse comes into the Mega Man Universe)
9. Your muse starts to pester mine on HOW to become a Robot Master
10. Your muse bothers mine on WHY he's called a Robot "Master"
11. Our muses switch bodies!



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Pharaoh Man
United States
(All photos belong to their rightful owners, they aren't mine. Profile pic is made by imbisibol, another great masterpiece.)

Pharaoh Man (ファラオマン Faraoman?) is a Robot Master designed as an ancient Egyptian pharaoh that resembles Tutankhamun. He was originally created by Dr. Cossack with high resistance, agility, and adaptability to the dark to explore pyramids and other ancient ruins. When Dr. Wily forced Dr. Cossack to work for him, Pharaoh Man was modified to have extra attack power for his battle against Mega Man in Mega Man 4. His Special Weapon is the Pharaoh Shot, a sphere that is charged with solar energy. Pharaoh Man is a charismatic leader -- he enjoys collecting rare treasures and is said to have over one thousand Mummira working for him, but becomes timid near beautiful women and has a particular disdain for tomb robbers.


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Team up?
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:iconudw-edge-kun:: Hello tomb guy.
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" Hey, this wandering star wishes you a bright birthday! *he joins the rest* " 
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* the butt joke of the sixth RockMan game shows up*

" Happy birthday, dude! :D "   :iconcakeplz:
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" *she shows up dressed in a white Egyptian costume dress*"

 " Happy birthday Master Pharaoh, I'm also at your order. This is perfect for Saturday(Night)! 

P-haraoh-Punch Featured By Owner May 21, 2017
He chuckled, trying his best not to act shy, as Pharaoh normally is timid around certain ladies. "I- er, appreciate it... I do not believe we- uh, have met, however..."
" Lol, you don't remember, really? You are such a funny guy ^^!.....
.... We met twice before late last year. The first time I was wondering in one of your favorite pyramids, the second time you spent a weekend at my home and we didn't do anything fast cause we didn't know each other well enough and we still don't. *she laughed a little* "  
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* " two beautiful women cameos enters the place from the 1989 Captain N cartoon, one with tanish skin and whitish skin the other a almost human looking anthro with ginger head popped up  *"

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Billy Eris : You called us, right?;)

Nicki : We are both at your service! ^^
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