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"So you command. So it shall be done!"

Despite having a snake statue, Ureaus, on his forehead in his official artwork and mugshot, on his in-game sprite, he appears to have a blue gem in place of it due to the small size.

Pharaoh Man's weakness to the Flash Stopper may stem from his purpose of exploring pyramids, specifically adapting to the dark as a side effect occurs when one is too prolonged to the dark for a large amount of time, so most low-level light appears immensely brighter than usual.

pawnch: For those out there who aren't talkin' to me, don't worry, I don't bite. Don't be shy! ^^

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P-haraoh-Punch's Profile Picture
Pharaoh Man
United States
(All photos belong to their rightful owners, they aren't mine. Profile pic is made by imbisibol, another great masterpiece.)

Pharaoh Man (ファラオマン Faraoman?) is a Robot Master designed as an ancient Egyptian pharaoh that resembles Tutankhamun. He was originally created by Dr. Cossack with high resistance, agility, and adaptability to the dark to explore pyramids and other ancient ruins. When Dr. Wily forced Dr. Cossack to work for him, Pharaoh Man was modified to have extra attack power for his battle against Mega Man in Mega Man 4. His Special Weapon is the Pharaoh Shot, a sphere that is charged with solar energy. Pharaoh Man is a charismatic leader -- he enjoys collecting rare treasures and is said to have over one thousand Mummira working for him, but becomes timid near beautiful women and has a particular disdain for tomb robbers.


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Kyrogeki Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017   Digital Artist
Not the kind of Pharaoh I was looking for.
Space-Researcher Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016
Comet was roaming around the desert, looking for something.

"I bet it fell around here..."

Then, she got down to her knees out of the frustration.

"Why every spot looks the saaame?! Sand, sand and more sand... This sucks!!" -She cried out.

"I've screw it... Without that battery device I can't make the telescope work. Boss is gonna be mad at me... Why on Earth have I dropped it here...? This place is abandoned at all..." 
P-haraoh-Punch Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016
Pharaoh was finishing up some construction of a ruined Sassoreenu's home- his quarters have definitely changed up after Mega Man has saved him from the diabolical Wily. Just afterwards, while walking back towards his headquarters- something fell into the sand near him. "Mm, trespassers, probably." He muttered to himself as he walked towards the object that was in the sand. 
Apocalyptic-Weapon Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2016
"This place... These strange symbols, praising the Sun. I'd never thought I would be here, again. The humanity we helped to shine... It this all what remains? Now is all full of useless politics that only know how to lie. There's no true sovereigners like the ones I once met. When Terra and the others were built, Earthlings were already our enemies. But I still remember... Long, long ago... When we used to work together..."

He stepped over a mummy, and afterwards he thought:

'But now, they're all one with the stars. There's nothing worth left.'

"Do they even remember me... after all? The Sun God that cared about them...?"

"I shouldn't ask it to myself if I already know the answer..." 

And so, he keep walking through the dunes, near the almost destroyed pyramids he helped to built. 
P-haraoh-Punch Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2016
Pharaoh sat atop a pyramid, with an important treasure, staring up at the desert night sky. Sometimes it got very lonely at his quarters- Toad hates the sand, Dive likes to charge through the sand but then ends up crashing into walls only to be teleported back to his quarters for repairs, Bright is terrified of the eerily dark pyramids, Ring just is too lazy to come down from his space station, Dust doesn't like sand getting stuck in his vacuum, Drill likes to drill through the rocks but then ends up with more rocks on top of him... the only Robot Master that frequently visits him is Skull Man because he likes to hang out with the mummies and bother Pharaoh during his quiet times.

He wasn't aware that he was going to have such an unexpected visitor... a Battoton landed on the Robot Master's shoulder, looking at the treasure, then back at him.

"Mm, Dr. Cossack placed this inside this pyramid for a reason... but why?" 

The little critter bot merely shook his head to depict that he had no clue, either.

Little did he know that it had to do with the ancient legend, Sunstar, who was within his vicinity as he spoke to himself.
Apocalyptic-Weapon Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016
Sunstar was roaming through the piramid, looking for something. When he and the other stardroids were surpresively ordered to retrieve from Earth, he was also commanded to bring back an important piece of Master Ra Moon technology, which has a special value for Sunstar. The two months he was given to stay in this planet were passing by, and for some reason, he felt sadness. Why? Why was he sad about leaving a planet full of worthless inferior beings? When did he become so indulgent?

"Are you ok? Here, grab my shoulder. I'm sure you can be fixed at Dr. Light labs."


"I still... don't understand..."

"Nevermind." -He muttered, remembering that day."

Then his systems detected the artifact in question, and he encountered Pharaoh. 



"You inferior life form... You're not allowed to have that re...!" 


Then, Pharaoh turned to him, and his egyptian-looking design produced him a flashback.

*Flashback: 3XXX years BC - Ancient egypt*

???: Your Majesty, the contruction of the piramid has begun.

Sunstar: Splendid.

???: He he he~

Sunstar: What's the matter? Are you broken?

???: No, my lord. It's called happiness. Humans show it when good things happen to them.

Sunstar: Good things...? I thought you didn't like your slavery.

???: Well, I wouldn't call it 'slavery.' Yes, we're being commanded by you, but...

Sunstar: But?

???: You're no tyrant, master. Thanks to you, our kind is gifted with prosperity. We're on eternal debt with you. You're the Sun God!!

Sunstar: Sun... God...? A God...?

???: It's anything wrong, Your Majesty?

Sunstar: ... Take this.

???: What it is? It's really odd-looking.

Sunstar: It's a transmisor. Use it when your people is on trouble...

...For the Sun God will be always protecting you.

*Flashback ends.*



"All of your kind perished... Several centuries ago..."


(I really want to develop the idea that Sunstar and the other Stardroid led some human civilizations to their greatest before Ra Moon declared war on them.)
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Dreadful-Reaper Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016
"Are you sure? I'm supposed to be as dead as those mummies you're searching, so perhaps you should be interested on me as well...? Or I'm not worthy enough...?" -He laughted softly, leaving the dark spot in which he was hidden, walking slowly to Pharaoh's location. The steps were making an echo sound as Skull's foot hit the ground, resounding in all the place.

"Because it was intended to be like this... Robots without a good purpose should be decommissioned, as I was. Mikhail doesn't had much affect for me, after all, I was the result of everything he hates. What were my thoughts about it?"

Then, he stopped, suddenly.

"It didn't matter." -Said with a cold stare as he remembered Cossack's face.

"But here were are, after all these years... Surrounded by perturbed spirits which missed their purpose in life. Isn't it beautiful...?"

P-haraoh-Punch Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2016
"Ah... Skull...It's good to see you as well." Pharaoh crossed his arms, instantly recognizing the Robot Master's voice and forming a Pharaoh Shot at its strongest form above him to brighten up the dark environment they were in. "Please, Skull... if Mikhail didn't have any passion for you, you wouldn't even have been constructed to life before you were even stolen by Wily and reprogrammed." Pharaoh scoffed. "I am surprised to see that you still function, however..." 
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